Falcon 9 Acrobatics Highlight Impressive Control System in Landing Mishap

Falcon 9 misses its LZ-1 landing, but mission success is unaffected


Space X has come a long way. I am looking forward to the next Heavy Falcon launch on April 7th 🙂

@rocketaholic They definitely have. The next Falcon Heavy launch is going to be very interesting. Not only is it the first FH with a customer payload, its also the first composed entirely of block 5 cores. That means more performance and a better chance at center stage recovery. Also, since Block 5 has many improvements to its recovery hardware, the center core from this mission should be able to be reflown rather quickly. Which means more Falcon Heavy this year!

@rocketaholic I’m impressed by the way SpaceX has carried such momentum over the past few years. FH, Raptor, Crew Dragon are all ready for prime time 2019 or 2020, just in time to to join Starship development in full stride.

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